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Additional Considerations for 72 hour emergency survival kit

In addition to the considerations with Basic Survival Kit, you should consider a few personal matters when stocking your 72 hour emergency kit.

Belows are some good additional considerations to put in survival home kit.


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Communication Devices

Typically, survival kits are designed to help you get through a situation in which help cannot be secured. However, if you equip yourself with a satellite phone you can contact help from anywhere on the planet.

In other situations, a pre-paid cell phone or two-way radio may be all that you need to contact help when you need it most.

Cash or Currency

If you find yourself in trouble and forced to walk to a local town or service station, you’ll want to be sure you have a small amount of money to help solve problems and allow you to get back home.
You need to bring enough money to pay for a hotel room and some food is probably adequate. Be sure you convert your funds to local currency if you are traveling abroad.

Always keep paper money in sealed plastic bags to protect it. You may even consider using a pre-paid debit card or a credit card in your survival kit, instead of cash.


Unfortunately, some outdoor enthusiasts find themselves being threatened by nefarious people or dangerous animals. This leads some to keep a defense tool in their survival kit, in order to be better prepared for a worst-case scenario.

Your self-defense tool may take the form of a knife or gun, but be sure to consider less-than-lethal items too. This would include things like stun guns, pepper spray, and telescoping batons.

Just be sure to follow all local laws and regulations before packing any type of weapon or self-defense tool in your survival kit.

Medical Conditions

If you must take medications for a medical condition, you’ll likely want to pack an extra set in your survival kit. You’ll need to discuss the issue with your doctor if you require prescription medications.


For example, if you often suffer from heartburn, you’ll likely want to add some antacids to your survival kit. Similarly, if you have allergies, you’ll want to pack extra antihistamines, and you may even want to include an EpiPen if an anaphylactic shock is possible.

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