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Bad mistakes in making beauty make you look so worse

The below makeup mistakes will make you become much older, even bad “innocent” that sometimes does not recognize it. Khoenhat.com invite you to see to avoid this error offline.

Abuse too much powder
Although the powder is indispensable for make-up, it helps to make your skin smoother, whiter and brighter, but excessive over-application also has bad side effects on your skin.

Inside the powder is a large alkaline oil, the use of too much powder can make the powder coated on your face, the more highlight the wrinkles on the face.

In addition, too much makeup can make the makeup look thicker and more peculiar, causing clogging pores and not good for the skin.

The lead is dark in the bottom
For girlfriends when the makeup style is sharp like the darker in the lower lashes, but actually this makeup makes your eyes so much smaller, making people more attention to the dark areas. On your face, you are older than you are.

Makeup mistakes make you old enough to notice

Best if you want to be younger, you should only make eye makeup on the upper eyelid, draw lines are thicker at the two corners to help the eyes look more sexy.

Apply lip color too dark
Applying lip color also makes you add your own age, although this is the lip color gives you the impression and luxury is very different.

Makeup mistakes make you old enough to notice

Best when the makeup you should limit the make-up impression, away from the dark lip color to not add to their own age.

Instead, you should use light colored lipstick, apply a little lip gloss to look younger and enhance your lips.

Too much eye powder
Too much eye makeup is also the wrong makeup that many people often do, because choosing the right makeup style for you is also very important.

Eyes are often prone to wrinkles, so when your eye makeup is more attention.

In case your eyes appear more wrinkles, it is best not to use a lot of concealer with the powder, because these make you look older.

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