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Calamities in Canada: The Value of Emergency Preparedness in Your Workplace

Canada is home to many beautiful tourist sites such as the Niagara Falls and the Notre Dame Basilica. It is among the most progressive countries and is very well-known for making the best maple syrups in the world. However, just like the rest of the things that possess unparalleled beauty, Canada also has another side to its coin. Despite its calm ambiance, natural calamities visit this wondrous place from time to time. These calamities bring with them destructive forces that disturb and take the lives of millions.

To minimize the number of casualties during natural calamities, one should have a 72 Hour emergency kit. These emergency kits will help you get through the catastrophe wherever you may be. May you be at home, at school or in your office working, these disaster kits will show you their worth when the time comes that you need them.


Why Do Canadians Need To Prepare For Natural Hazards?

The most common natural hazards that occur in Canada are those that cause significant damage. According to Canada.ca, Canada is visited by thousands of avalanches with a recorded 5,000 earthquakes yearly. Moreover, floods are the most frequent natural calamity in Canada which may occur at any time within the year.

In addition, many other natural hazards occur within Canada all throughout the year. Some of them are hurricanes, landslides, storm surges, tornados, tsunamis, and wildfire.

With the threat of these calamities, it would be in every Canadian’s best interest to be prepared all the time. Not only will you be equipped for an unforeseen natural hazard, but it will also help you get through calamities safely.

Why Do You Need To Prepare For Possible Natural Calamities In The Workplace?

Working is an essential part of life. Everybody needs to work to earn money used for daily living. Canada has a huge active office workforce and their offices are usually located in tall buildings and huge structures to accommodate the huge number of employees.

Some natural calamities come unannounced and they may knock at your doors while still at work. For you to increase your chance of survival, you should make significant initial preparations. Your safety should always be put into priority, so make sure to establish an emergency plan before it’s too late.

Here are some reasons why you should prepare for calamities in your workplace.

You Might Get stranded

Strong natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods can result in the isolation of building residents. These natural calamities may render you trapped within the premise for a long time.

Basic Necessities

When you’re isolated from the outside world, basic necessities such as food, water, batteries, flashlights, and radios should be ready for use and consumption.

Medical Prescriptions

Being stranded can cause you to have no access to pharmacies for a long time. It is best for you to have prepared medical prescriptions especially if they are vital for your maintenance.

When Injuries Occur

Injuries are bound to happen especially for natural hazards that produce strong forces. An emergency kit will help you give initial treatment to these injuries such as wounds and bruises.

What Should You Do Before, During, and After Natural Calamities In The Workplace?

Being extra careful and even preparing more than what is necessary can determine whether you get to see another day after a calamity or not. You and your workmate’s safety should not be put into greater risk and that is why preparing is a must.

Preparations Before A Calamity Arrives

One should not wait for an actual calamity to happen before actions are taken. To prevent any unwanted casualties, thorough planning is necessary.

Here are some things you need to do to face an emergency head-on.

Plan out your course of action

It is imperative that you know what to do for when an emergency happens. For surviving a natural disaster, preparedness and confidence are paramount.

Simulate in your mind the scenes of when natural hazards arrive. From that, create a course of action which will benefit you and your workmates. Try to answer the WH questions; WHAT to do first in case a disaster strikes, WHERE should we go first and WHERE are the safety zones and preparedness kits located and WHEN is the right time to go to the safety zone and leave the safety zone.

Discuss your plan with your workmates

What is equally important with having a good plan is letting everybody in your workplace know the existence of the plan.

Work with your peers. They might have a suggestion that would make better the plans that you’ve already created.

Store on Things That Will Help You Survive for 72 Hours

Creating a list of things that you need to survive when being stranded for 24 hours is a dragging process. There are many things that you need to take into account. Luckily there already are existing emergency preparedness kits in the market today.

These kits are a complete package containing all the things that you need to get through a natural hazard.

Canada, in particular, has 72 hours. It is a reliable and popular manufacturer of emergency kit in Vancouver who is known for the quality and completeness of their products. If you don’t have an emergency kit of your own, make sure to try their Deluxe and Essential 72 Hour Survival Kits.


What to Do During A Calamity

Put Your Plan into Action

You don’t need to be nervous or afraid, you’ve already devised a good plan, and all you need to do is execute it properly. Be collected and composed and also make sure that your peers are calm and not panicking,

Go to Your Safe Zones and Gather Your Needs

If possible, head out to your safe zones as quickly as possible. The safe zones will be your haven and will keep you away from harm such as rising water or falling debris.

Also, make sure that you bring with you all that you need and turn on your radio. Listen to updates to know what is happening outside of your safe zone.

What to Do After a Calamity

Before doing any actions, first, try to listen again to your radio. Make sure that it is already safe to go outside. Use your 72 hour backpack to provide assistance to those with injuries and wounds.

Carefully probe the building for safe routes and head-out when you find it already safe.

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