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Dangerous mistakes in skin care!

Welcome back to Healthn.net and in skin care as well as beauty, there are some false thoughts that are more dangerous to the skin, to see what they are, please take a look. below.

Never use face wipes.

According to the beauty and health newspaper, many people never use face wipes because they are a place where many bacteria are harmful to the skin. However, if used properly, wipes bring a lot of benefits to the skin.

It is best to wash your face thoroughly, then use a towel to dry skin gently, avoid the water itself on the skin.

Use anti-aging products as soon as possible.
Do not rush to find an anti-aging solution for your skin. When you are young, your skin is still capable of self-sustaining rejuvenation. Therefore, the use of anti-aging products too early can be counterproductive.

Depending on your genetic and lifestyle factors, you should start anti aging at age 20, early 30 and start with sunscreen and moisturizer. Keeping the skin “full” is the key factor to prevent the formation of wrinkles.

Nature is the best.
The point of always using a product with completely natural ingredients is good not always right. In fact, some natural ingredients bring discomfort to the skin. However, some chemicals can also cause clog pores or are simply too strong for skin care.

The thing you need to do is to determine the skin type, skin condition to get the best choice. With sensitive skin, you need to avoid ingredients that contain a lot of aromas or oils that can cause allergies and can irritate the skin.

Minimize the amount of acne.
The truth is that you can completely acne, but depending on the type of acne as well as acne present you.

With whiteheads, there are kernels, you should completely remove them when they are old and ripe. When you do, make sure you wash your hands well and lightly gently to remove the pimples.

Apply lotion at the same time.
With daily skin care, you will have to do many different operations, apply to the skin a variety of different products. However, it is not always possible to use multiple skin care products at the same time.

In fact, there are some important ingredients that you should not use together because they may interfere with your use or even be counter-productive. Therefore, please find out about the product information that you use offline.

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