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Earthquake Overview, the Causes of Earthquake and its Dangerous level

Welcome back to HealthN.net, earthquake cause many deaths all over the world, it claimed the lives of so many people and destroyed many properties where it went through. It claimed lifes of so many people and destroyed many construction where it went through.

This article will tell us what earthquakes is, earthquake causes and impacts, and earthquake kits preparation to prevent it.


Dangerous level of earthquake

Earthquakes cause tsunamis. When an earthquake struck the ocean floor, the seismic force pushed the giant water mass up. For several hundred km2, the water mass is pushed up and down, creating large waves that overflow the ocean and land.

Earthquakes sometimes make volcanoes work, even volcanoes that have been extinguished for a long time. Because the cracked ground creates opportunities for magma eruption. These phenomena when combined together will create unforeseen disasters.

Because earthquake happened so suddenly as well as its danger, while there was nothing we could do to prevent it, the only way to deal with it was to minimize its dangers and damages.

The cause of the earthquake

Earthquakes due to landslides of underground caves and earthquakes due to large volume of natural rock landslides (this type of earthquake only vibrates a narrow area and accounts for about 3% of the total number of earthquakes)

Earthquakes due to volcanic status, mainly associated with volcanic eruptions (this type of earthquake is not very strong – accounts for about 7%).

Tectonic earthquakes (accounting for 90%) related to the activity of tectonic faults, especially faults at the edge of lithosphere, tectonic movement in the subduction zones; related to magma activities that penetrate into the earth’s crust, disrupting the pre-existing pressure equilibrium of surrounding rocks.

This is related to the change of rock facies from one crystal form to another, causing shrinkage and expansion of the rock volume, which causes a large volume change that also causes earthquakes.

The impact of earthquakes


The direct impact of earthquakes is ground shaking, causing cracking, collapsing of construction works, causing landslides and avalanches.

Its severity is based on the intensity, distance from the epicenter, and geological and geomorphological conditions at the affected site.

Earthquakes that occur on the ocean floor can cause landslides or sea floor deformities, causing tsunamis (large waves that overtake the ocean and land). Earthquakes sometimes make volcanoes work, even volcanoes that have been extinguished for a long time …

Hopefully that with the information provided above, readers can have an overview of the earthquake situation and they need to prepare an emergency kit for family before it happens.

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