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Every two seconds we have two people enter old age (60) all over the world

Population aging is one of the largest demographic changes in the world today, according to APEC members on 22nd August.


APEC member economies account for 40.5% of the world population, of which 50% are elderly, or nearly half of the aging population. APEC is one of the fastest growing areas in the world. Cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus, cancer and chronic diseases of the elderly are the leading causes of death, affecting quality of life.

Prevention and control of non-communicable diseases on elderly people against aging population is one of the priority of APEC leaders.

Representatives from 21 APEC member economies shared experiences and discussed the overall picture of non-communicable diseases of elderly people. This cooperation helps to find policy recommendations that are consistent with the laws, socio-economic conditions of each member economy as well as APEC in general, towards a healthy Asia Pacific. Flourish.

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