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Health Benefits of Eating Oats and its type

Health Benefits of Oats

The oats contain beta-glucan, a fiber type may help to lower the cholesterol levels. It means the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke are reduced. Through the studies, the beta-glucan is effective in stabilizing the blood sugar. So the oats are good for us to reduce the risk of diabetes.

Beside the rich fiber from oats is considered the great source for women. This whole grain may also help to reduce the risk of breast cancer.


Help to reduce diseases 

In the time when the diseases such as high cholesterol, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity and breast cancer become more common as the flu, the good food for health and may help to prevent the disease like oats should be used of course.

And now with our knowledge about the oats in some aspects, it is not simple that we have breakfast with the oats and oats’ products by the convenience or answer the question that what are oats simply and freely but with our specific purpose related to health effectively.

Types of Oats

After harvesting, oats are processed to give different types. The oats may be oat groats, in the rolled shape, cut shape or both or grounded. The processing gives the rich product in types to satisfy the need of consumers.

The main oat types  are considered to be the types such as old fashioned, quick, instant or steel cut, oat bran and flour. The old fashioned type is very popular with the oats are steamed and then rolled. The quick oats are thinner that old fashioned type with the faster time in cooking for serving.

The instant oat is cut shape with the fast time in cooking. And the steel cut oats are just the cut oats with rich flavor. The oat bran is very rich in nutrition with the bran from oat in the processing. And the oat flour is same with wheat flour. It is milled from the oat groats.

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