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Home Calamity Proof Checklist and Mountain House Food


Your home should be the first place in the world where you and your family feel safe. However, there will be days when this will be put to the test. Facing a calamity is a trying time when even your home would seem like a dangerous place to be at. However, that doesn’t have to be true.

When facing natural disasters, you have to stand your ground and your home should be able to stand just as strong. Withstanding a calamity is no easy feat, but you can take preventive steps to fight against the harshest emergencies. So even when strong winds start banging on your windows, you will be prepared to do whatever it takes to keep you and your family safe.

In this article, aside from having Mountain House food products like Mountain House cans at home, we’ll let you know about the different things you must prepare to keep your home calamity proof.


Calamity Proof Checklist

More often than not, the things you need in facing a calamity are already around your home, but maybe they’re not just in one place or they’re inconveniently placed far away from one another which will be difficult once disaster strikes. To do this, here’s a step-by-step process on what you need to do.

Go Bag

There are those emergencies where you would just have to sit it out at home and wait for it to end. However, there are also those calamities where you would have to leave your house and head for the evacuation area. In facing these kinds of calamities, make sure that you have a “go bag”, preferably one for each family member, and in packing your go bag, here’s what needs to be inside.

Water. Going against a calamity while you’re dehydrated definitely reduces your chances of surviving it. You’re going to need water to keep you replenished. At least a gallon per family member should be enough to last for three days.

Flashlight and radio are also very important to keep you updated amidst a calamity. There may be times when you need to keep moving through the dark, which is why you also need a flashlight. To make sure that these items last for as long as you need them, you may also need to pack a few extra batteries.

First aid kit goes without saying that you definitely need it. You’ll never know what other problems you may face, and shattered glass or a broken twig may cause serious injury. It will be hard to contact emergency personnel in times like these so you must be able to treat your own wounds. Inserting a whistle in there will also prove itself to be beneficial in case you have to call for help.

Sanitation may seem like a minority but it’s actually also necessary. If you’re moved to an evacuation area, you’ll be sharing spaces with a lot of different people, and you’ll never know what kinds of diseases they may bring. Get rid of bacteria by having alcohol, soap, and other necessities in your bag.


Extra cash must also always be inside your pocket. When power interruptions hit your city, ATMs would most likely be down as well. You can’t withdraw your emergency fund sitting in the bank if there is no electricity. Be sure that you have enough money for gas, food, and other things.

Cellphones would most probably be already with you once you head out of your house. However, be sure to pack chargers along with them. There may be times when outlets are already taken and your charges would be useless which is why having solar powered chargers or extension cords is also important.

Maps of your local residence is also important. You might think that you already memorized your entire neighborhood, but when disaster strikes, it will be difficult to recognize the streets. Maps would also play an important role in facing a calamity which we will discuss later.

Lastly, food that’s enough to last for at least three days must also be in your bag. Aside from staying hydrated, getting the energy you need may not be provided by just water, which is why food is essential to keep you going. Make sure that the food you pack are easy to prepare, has long shelf-life, and can withstand extreme weathers like our Mountain House Pro Pak Canada and Mountain House cans.

Once your go bag is prepared, it’s best to check them once or twice a year to ensure that none of the products or items have expired.

Action Plan

When disaster strikes, the last thing you need from your family is panic. Panicking in the face of a calamity worsens the situation by a hundredfold. Every family member must know what to do.

Be sure to orient your family and designate a task for each family member on what needs to be prepared and checked. We also suggest having two meetup locations in case the worst happens. One would be around your area and the other would be somewhere around your town. These places must be marked on the maps in your go bag, so that in the event that a family member gets separated, or a disaster strikes while they’re not at home, you’ll know where to meet them.

If you have to leave your home without a family member, make sure that you leave a note somewhere which they can easily see so they will know where you are and where to catch up with you.

Preparing Your Home

Hand of man unplug electric outlet plug on wall white background safety concept

If the power goes out, make sure that you unplug all appliances from the outlet to avoid damages on them, and also prevent fire. If you’re going to stay at home, you can leave at least one light or lamp on so you will know if the power comes back again.

Aside from your go bag, having a food storage at home is also very important. Choose those food that can withstand calamities and has long shelf lives. For products like these, check out Mountain House Canada.

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