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What is the Importance of Mountain House Shelf Life on Packaged Food ?


Thousands of calamities occur in different parts of the globe each year. In Canada alone, avalanches, earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, and a lot of other calamities are just some of the things we face annually.

These are natural disasters that happen because of how our climate changes, and also because of our geographical location. The harsh truth is that the cruelty of these events is pretty much unstoppable. There is not much that we can do to put an end to it.

However, whatever life throws at you, the probability of you standing strong lies in how prepared you are to face these events. If you are always ready for the worst, then there is no calamity that can bring you down.

One of the very important things that you must prepare for these types of disasters is the amount of food that you store. To be more precise, how long can your food store last in the face of calamity? When it comes to storing food, always be sure to check its shelf life.

What is Shelf-Life?

Shelf-life refers to the amount of time a certain food can be stored under certain conditions, while making sure that its safety and quality will not affect your health. Different food would always have different shelf-life and conditions as to how it’s supposed to be kept.


The shelf-life of a packaged food begins from the time it is manufactured, and the amount of time it’s supposed to last is affected by the ingredients used in making the product, the material used in packaging, how it is processed, and how it is stored.

When buying canned, frozen, or other packed food, you may notice that there is a date stickered or printed on it. It is important to note, however, that packaged food would sometimes have either a best-before date, or a use-by date, and there is a big difference between the two.

Best-Before Date

Best-before date indicates that a certain food can be expected to maintain its best quality on or before the supposed date. For example, if you want to experience the maximum quality of flavor that a packaged food can deliver, it’s best to consume it before the date. However, keep in mind that packaged food may be unsafe if you consume it way past the best-before date.

Use-By Date

On the other hand, a use-by date refers to the amount of time a certain food is supposed to be safe to consume if stored properly. Consuming it after the use-by date may present different serious risks such as food poisoning.

Now that you’ve understood just how crucial the shelf-life of a certain food is, let me introduce you to a leading food product when it comes to shelf-life expectancy. In Canada, Mountain House food is the only product with a ridiculously long shelf-life which beats all other products. We’ve prepared the selection below to help you understand more about this product.

Mountain House Shelf Life

The name Mountain House is a pioneer when it comes to the industry of emergency preparedness. Mountain House is a division of OFD Foods, Inc., which is based in Oregon. Through continuous development and consumer research, Mountain House was able to reach a 30-year shelf-life guarantee.


The 30-Year Shelf-Life Guarantee

If you’re new to the world of emergency preparedness, a 30-year shelf-life may seem reasonable and common for freeze dried products. Reasonable? Definitely. Common? Well, if you’re a survivalist, you’d now that a 30-year shelf-life is significantly way above the standard.

To put it to perspective, the shortest shelf-life expectancy is around two years, and the highest any other product was able to achieve is 25 years. You might think that 25 years and 30 years only has a 5-year difference and it’s not that big of a deal. However, it is important to note that the 25-year shelf-life of these products only refers to the safety of the product and not its quality. The longest time these products can maintain its quality taste is 6 months. On the other hand, when we talk about Mountain House, the 30-year guarantee not only refers to its shelf-life but its quality taste as well.

The Road to the Longest Shelf-Life

When we say that the Mountain House can maintain its quality for 30 years, we’re not just looking at our ceiling, guessing numbers, and making up stories. It took years of research, and hundreds to thousands of participants and researchers, to be able to reach this record-breaking achievement.

To achieve this, various Mountain House products were stored in warehouses of normal temperatures. The Mountain House products that were used are either in pouches or cans.


We are also not kidding when we say that the “youngest” product we stored is 30 years. Some products used in this research were as old as 42 years. 30 to 42 years is a mind-bogglingly long time for food, and it is inevitable that the flavor and texture of the product is not as good as those recently manufactured. However, after conducting the test, participants of the review were astonished with how the quality of the food was maintained.

We don’t want to sound exaggerated and to absent-mindedly use adjectives, so to back up our claims, we used the hedonic scale which is the standard when it comes to taste in food industry. The recipes that were involved in the research scored above average which means that Mountain House products stored for 30 to 42 years is not only safe, but of great quality as well.

That being said, the next time that you go to your local supermarket, remember that the next emergency may be lurking just ahead, and the only way to face it is to be prepared. The best way to prepare is to have nothing but the best companions in times of need. Check out Mountain House meals, because you deserve only the best, or if you don’t have the time to go to the store, you can get our products at Mountain House Amazon.

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