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Mountain House Freeze-Dried Food Shelf Life


According to Healthn.net, there’s a lot of options to choose from when packing food for an adventure or for emergency storage. It’s true that almost all of these options serve the same purpose, but the question remains as to how long they can keep giving you the service that you need.

To put it simply, most packed food, if not all, are supposed to last for months or years. This is ideal for those who want to store food to prepare them for a sudden calamity. However, packed food is not immortal, meaning, after some time, they will spoil and render themselves inedible.

That being said, when it comes to packed food, you must only choose those which can withstand extended periods of time. The unpredictability of natural disasters is a difficult feat that we all must overcome. You’ll never know whether the next disaster will strike tomorrow, or next year. Which is exactly why the shelf life of food is very important.

With that in mind, when it comes to packed food, the best way to go is to store those food that are freeze dried. You can get an in-depth discussion on freeze dried food on some of our articles in this website, or you can just search Mountain House freeze dried food Canada to make it easier. These articles discuss more on how freeze dried food are prepared, or what exactly is freeze dried food. In this article, we’ll talk about the life of freeze-dried food and how long do they last.


How Long Can Freeze Dried Food Last

Freeze dried food aren’t manufactured by a single company only. This means that the quality and standard of freeze dried food differ depending on which manufacturer produced the product. Some manufacturers have freeze dried food that last for only two years, while there are others, like those at Mountain House 72 Ca., which can last for 30 years.

However, the manufacturer isn’t the only thing that affects the life of freeze-dried food. Its quality before being opened, its exposure to certain elements, and a lot of other things affect their shelf-life. To understand it better, we’ve prepared a short description of the things that affect your freeze dried food’s shelf life.

This might be quite a long read, but it’s definitely interesting, so while you’re at it, why not enjoy a Mountain House Mac and Cheese Canada for a delicious snack while reading.

Food Quality

Of course, the quality of food that is stored inside a can or pouch greatly contributes to the length of its shelf life. Those which use sub-standard ingredients will definitely last shorter than those that use only the best ingredients. Sub-standard quality of food will probably last around two years, but the quality of its taste would start to deteriorate after six months.


On the other hand, quality food will last for 25 years or longer, while the taste still varies greatly, depending on the manufacturer.

Oxygen and Moisture Exposure

Exposure to oxygen and moisture greatly deteriorates the shelf life of freeze dried food. Those that aren’t packed tightly, or weren’t vacuumed fully, will not last for months and would probably cause significant diseases when consumed. However, freeze dried food that are processed properly would of course last longer.

Heat and Light Exposure

In the same manner as oxygen exposure, heat and light exposure pose just as much ability to deteriorate your food. Since organisms need light and heat to survive, exposing your food to these elements allow for such organisms to thrive. If your food is prone to fluctuating environmental temperatures, extremes such as 80 degrees or above and just below freezing, you can expect your food to spoil in just a few days or weeks.

This means that freeze dried food loses its nutrients and taste quality if exposed to these elements, rendering them unsafe to consume.

After Opening


These elements only apply to freeze dried food which are packed. Once you open a packed container, there is a huge difference in its life. Since the elements mentioned above are what affects its shelf life when packed, the same elements would affect them in a greater manner once opened. To minimize the risk of your food spoiling, you can try packing it back in its original state, meaning, an airtight, cold, and dark environment. However, it is important to note that this does not guarantee that it will bring back its original shelf-life.

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Mountain House Freeze-Dried Food Shelf Life

If you’ve already taken a good grasp of how certain elements affect the shelf life of freeze dried food, then you probably noticed that pretty much all of the elements that affect it is in your hands except for one – the manufacturer.


While it is true that where and how you store your packed food greatly affects its shelf life, it’s also true that the ingredients used and how it’s stored before you purchase it depends greatly on the manufacturer.

Which means that even if you give it your one hundred percent effort, your freeze dried food will only last up until the time indicated on its use-by or best-before date. So even if you try your hardest, a freeze dried food that says it can last for ten or fifteen years will only last just as much, and not a day longer.

That being said, since you will never know when the next disaster will strike, in shopping for food to store, buy those products with the longest shelf lives. And even after a thousand searches on the internet, the name that will pop up when it comes to the longest shelf life is nothing but one – Mountain House Food Canada.

Its ridiculously long shelf life of 30 years is not just reliable when it comes to length of time it takes before it’s unsafe to consume, but also to the quality of food. Our 30-year shelf life is not about whether it’s safe to consume or not, but about whether it tastes good or bad, and believe us when we say it, 30 years is not enough to bring our products down.


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