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What is Mountain House Freeze Dried Food?

There are lots of reasons to preserve food, and an even more ways to do it. Of course, it’s not the stuff you’d want for your everyday meal (although some of the products we sell at Mountain House Canada store sales are healthy and flavorful enough for this), but packaged food is the kind of food that you will need in times of emergency.

With all the different calamities each year, it’s no question that having a good amount of quality food reserve plays a key factor in basic survival. When a certain place is hit by harsh natural disasters, you can’t expect stores or supermarkets to keep on serving you amidst a hurricane.

That being said, you can only rely on yourself and your survival skills to keep you and your family alive in times like these, and if you do not have enough food to keep you lasting for days or even weeks, you can expect that you’d be facing all kinds of problems, and hunger being the most frequent of them all.

If you have seen the bigger picture of what we’re trying to say here, then you’d probably realized just how important preserved food is. In this article, we’ll let you know about one of the most common and efficient ways of food preservation, freeze-drying.


What is Freeze Dried Food?

Basically, freeze-drying is the method of removing almost all water and moisture from the food to make it last longer. However, this does not include the water that is present in the food itself, just in its immediate surrounding. This way, the basic composition of the food stays the same.

Why Remove Water from Food?

If water is removed from food, it can last for extremely long periods of time. As you may have already known, majority of organisms need water to survive. Therefore, where there is water, there is a huge possibility that life, even in the tiniest form, can be found there.

When organisms, such as bacteria, is able to thrive on a certain place, it will feed off on the nearest source of nutrient it can find. In this scenario, your food. When this happens, your food starts to go bad, and the bacteria will start decomposing it in just a short period of time.

However, when water and air is removed from its packaging, bacteria will not be able to survive, thus significantly reducing its chances of spoiling. The packed food, especially fruits, also has the ability to release enzymes and react to the oxygen that is present in its packaging. When enzymes do not have water or oxygen to react to, the process of ripening will stop.

Why is Freeze-Drying a Better Method than Other Food Preservation Techniques?

If you have a storage space at home, plan on camping in the woods for quite some time, a member of the military, or maybe an astronaut, then food is not just the only thing that you need to store or bring. With that in mind, there is only a limited amount of space that you give for food reserve.

Water is the most common element (or compound, that is) that you can find in most food. In fact, majority of fruits are made up of eighty to ninety percent water. Which means that if we remove water from food, it will significantly reduce its weight and size of almost the same amount of water present on it, thus making it so much lighter and smaller. Light and small load is so much better than big and heavy.

Since we’re already talking about it, when it comes to preserved food, Mountain House freeze dried food products is the best way to go. If you’re having doubts about it, don’t worry, the following selection will definitely change your mind.

Mountain House Freeze Dried Food

Mountain House dehydrated food has always been the number one choice for campers, hikers, survival experts, and a lot more. This has been true for decades and will definitely stay true for as long as it is present.

It’s not even a competition when we say that Canada Mountain House is the leading pioneer in food preservation. This is due to the fact that Mountain House was born to assist Special Forces nearly five decades ago. This means that Mountain House Canada is meant to survive the harsh environments that the military faces. Needless to say, it is meant for the most extreme conditions, and upon seeing the need of different fields other than military training, Mountain House opened its doors to the public and made its products available for commercial use.


Great Taste

Mountain House Canada is not about improving the sustainability of the food’s shelf-life. You’re probably thinking that if we’re talking about freeze dried food, why is Mountain House not concerned about prolonging its products shelf life? Simply because this property that a lot of other competitors have been trying for so long to achieve, have already been an established truth for our products.

Mountain House has raised the standard of shelf-life so high that we’re more concerned about giving you the quality of taste that you deserve. Continuous research and development for almost fifty years has been dedicated to achieve the longest shelf-life you can possibly get commercially, while maintaining its taste.

Our shelf-life is not about how long our products will take until it’s not edible. What sets us apart from all the other brands is that our-shelf life refers to the amount of time you can expect our products to taste as good as though it was manufactured yesterday. Decades of formulating recipes, choosing the best sources of ingredients, studying the process of freeze-drying, packaging, and controlling moisture, is the very reason why Mountain House has been a household name when it comes to food preservation.

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