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What You Need to Prepare for a Long-Term Food Storage – Mountain House Food

What You Need to Prepare for a Long-Term Food Storage


Hundreds of years ago, going to the market on a weekly basis was not just a thing. It was pretty much impractical because of the difficulties it poses. The travel time, fare, and physical exhaustion are just not worth it to do it weekly, not to mention it’s not every week that markets would have all kinds of food on sale. Back then, food that you buy from the market were stored in food pantries.

However, since people are now just a few minutes from their nearest local supermarket, there seems to be no point in storing food in pantries. You can easily get enough stock to last you through the week.

On the other hand, food pantries are actually essential and every home must have one. If you’re wondering why, imagine getting hit by a really bad hurricane. More often than not, local supermarkets would also be closed days on end. Aside from that, the risks of facing a hurricane just to buy your food isn’t really the smartest thing to do. So before calamity strikes, make sure that you have Mountain House freeze dried food in your storage. You can also check these products at Mountain House Amazon.


That being said, you should definitely have food pantries or storage in the event that things like these happen, and believe us when we say it, it will. If you don’t know what to put in your food storage, don’t worry, we got you covered! Here’s a short checklist on what needs to be in your inventory.

Storage Checklist

Going around each aisle of your local supermarket without any hint of what to buy just seems bothersome, and it will take too much of your time. Aside from that, you might end up buying more than what you need, or worse, buy food that aren’t necessarily needed in your food storage. To help you manage that, here’s a short list of what you need to buy.


Of course, when we say you have to store rice, we are talking about uncooked rice. However, shelf life of rice is pretty hard to determine. It all differs in how it is stored. One way to guarantee that the lifespan of your rice is maximized is to keep it away from water, moisture, dust, or insects. The one with the shortest lifespan is brown rice. Whether you store it in a pantry or a freezer, it can only last from 3 to 18 months because of its high content of oil.


The reason why you need to store rice is that it’s easy to prepare, and it can provide your body with lots of nutrients. The best way to store it is to keep it in a sealed bag and put it in a cold and dry are to keep it from contaminants.


Having coffee in your storage will prove itself to be beneficial since it can provide you with an adequate amount of caffeine that energizes your body. The fact that you only need hot water to prepare it makes it even more ideal to store. However, coffee beans or powder will start to lose its freshness right after it’s roasted, and the speed of this deterioration doubles up when it’s exposed to heat, light, and air moisture.


With than in mind, make sure that in storing coffee, keep it in a sealed bag and put it in a dark and cold environment to prolong its freshness.


The food in your pantry must be those that are easy to prepare. However, if you happen to store the type of food that needs frying or regular cooking, you must also have oil in your storage, otherwise the food you have stored in your pantry would just spoil.

The shelf life of cooking oil lasts for around 3 to 6 months so make sure you rotate it and use it before it becomes unusable. You also need to keep it in an airtight container to guarantee its freshness.


During a calamity, there may be days when you need to fill up your stomach even though you’re not hungry. In occasions like this, preparing an entire meal just seem to reduce the amount of quality food that you have in your storage, not to mention the trouble of preparing a lot of items just for a quick snack.


This is why you must also have crackers in your storage. However, if not stored properly, crackers easily turn chewy and it’s not really a delight to eat it in that state. To maintain its freshness, make sure to keep it in an airtight container because air and moisture is what deteriorates its quality.

Baby Food


Needless to say, if you have a baby at home, storing baby food is essential. The food that adults eat may not provide enough nutrition that a baby needs, not to mention the difficulty for the baby to chew hard food. The food stored in your pantry will be troublesome if you don’t have any for the baby to last for days. With that in mind, make sure that you store baby food that has extended shelf life.

Freeze-Dried Food


The best thing about storing freeze-dried food is that it is shelf-stable, meaning you can store it without excessive care. Although heat, light, and moisture still affect its shelf-life, it doesn’t take much to keep them safe to eat to keep good health.

Mountain House Food Canada

While we’re on the subject, when storing freeze-dried food, you must only go for those products that can easily withstand long periods of time, like those at Mountain House Food Canada. You don’t need to worry about your food supply going bad because the shelf-life of Mountain House food can last for up to thirty years, so when the next disaster strikes and you have no one but yourself to rely on to, don’t panic, because as long as you have Canada Mountain House on your side, there’s no calamity coming your way that can bring you down.

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