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The New York Times apologized after discovering pearl milk tea

Earlier this week, the highly acclaimed New York Times published an article which related to information about the drink “pearl milk tea.”

According to Weixin, the New York Times provides readers with information about “alien” which contain a lot of “blobs,” and was originally placed on the headline.


But then, this article has been changed its title line. Pearl milk tea has been become the favorite drink of a few people, after many readers criticized.

Of course, pearl milk tea which is originated in Taiwan, has been a popular drink in the United States for some time, prompting the Times to change the title once again to “Bubble Tea. Purveyors continue to grow with the drink’s Popularity “. At the same time, the content of the article is slightly modified.

In addition, the newspaper also posted a separate apology to the editorial board, which acknowledged that the first article was a mistake.

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