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Oyster history and Oyster nutrition facts


Oyster history Oysters were known to use as food from millennia BC. They were farmed in Japan around 2 millennia BC and in Romans time around the first century AD. Through the spreading of oyster, some countries also created festivals of consuming this food, and it became popular more and …

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Cucumber types and Cucumber nutrition facts


Cucumber history Cucumber or Cucumis sativus is a member of Cucurbitaceae or also known as gourd family. It is believed to have origin from Asia but could grow well in many areas around the world. The exact time of cucumbers’ appearance was not clear but its cultivation was mentioned about …

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Health benefits and The history of Carrots


Health benefits of Carrots Carrot holds a significant amount of β-carotene and a fresh and sweet taste is used widely in both cooking and juicing. Many popular types of juices with carrot could not only refresh us but also bring number of benefits to our health while the dishes with the …

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The Ancient History of Olive Oil


Olive Oil  We all know about olive oil, it is so familiar with us from the kitchen to plates. We also may know that olive is fruit which is very popular in the west. In the world generally, its oil is widely used in culinary and in some areas, olive …

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Let’s use with limited potato eating


What is potatoes ? Potatoes are a very popular type of food which is consumed all over the world. This food is famous as a nutritional food lots of nutrients such as minerals and vitamins …  However, potatoes are also known for their high carbohydrate level, so some people said that potatoes is toxic …

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