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Think about food loss and waste


High rate of wasting food We could be socked by the rating one third of food of the world was wasted every year. It’s a huge amount that could provide to many people who are suffering the famine in different parts of the world. It’s antinomy that while a large …

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What are some advantages and disadvantages of milk ?


Advantages of milk We all know that milk is one of the most popular foods in our daily life. It holds numbers of nutrients and consuming it also brings numbers of advantages to our health. The nutrients of it as protein or minerals…or advantages as helpfulness to the bones and the …

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Soybean – Good or bad food to our health


What is Soybean  Soybean is a popular type of food that used widely around the world. This bean and its products as milk, sauce, noodles … are completed to menu of many consumers, especially the vegetarian. The thoughts that it is a type of healthy food is very familiar. However, not …

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