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Survival: What to Pack in a 72 hour Survival Kit


Welcome back to and today we will discuss about “What to pack in a 72 hour survival kit”. The first thing that you should ask yourself before you pack your 72-hour survival kit Consider your family’s situation. How many people are in your family? Does anyone in your family …

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How Should You Contain Your Items in 72 hour emergency kit ?


If you have read articles named “What is in a 72-hour kit?” article or “Additional Considerations for 72 hour emergency survival kit”. You will consider how to contain them in a sensitive way. There are a variety of different things you can use for such purposes, and each has its …

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Additional Considerations for 72 hour emergency survival kit


In addition to the considerations with Basic Survival Kit, you should consider a few personal matters when stocking your 72 hour emergency kit. Belows are some good additional considerations to put in survival home kit. Useful posts: Survival Home Kit– Some important points ? Communication Devices Typically, survival kits are …

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