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Potato buns health benefits and Potato buns recipes


Potato Potatoes are so widely used in many recipes both for health and favorite in cooking. Especially concerning to bread types, it must be some types of bread combined with potatoes as the wonderful element. Potato and recipes list In the recipe of potato buns, mashed potatoes or potato crushed …

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The truth about White Bread and who should not use it


White bread There are different reasons for us who use white bread daily. White bread is one of the most popular food with advantages of convenience and richness in flavor by the combination of many ingredients together. However consumption of white bread is needed the attention to protect the health, …

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Shoud we limit white bread in our daily menu ?


Bread and white bread Bread in general and white bread in particular are loved by all of us almost. They are suitable for breakfast, lunch and fast meal when we have no enough time for cooking. There are many types of bread for our choice in flavor. They are easy to …

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