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Reason that 4 months baby have disease about nose

When your child has runny nose, many parents do not find out the cause of the illness that heal on his own accord. This easily makes his disease worse, may even cause the baby to have some other diseases.

Healthn.net will help mothers learn about the cause as well as effective management, when the baby 4 months with nasal discharge as the content of the article below.


Due to the environment and the weather

Climate and weather are the second leading cause of nasal congestion in 4-month-old infants. Because, if the air is not healthy will affect the respiratory system of the baby, making the baby runny nose is very likely to occur.

Not only that, the weather is also the cause that parents need to pay attention, especially when the cold weather makes children most susceptible to colds and runny nose. Therefore, mothers need to keep warm to prevent baby from getting cold!

Due to poor immune system

The leading cause of baby 4 months of runny nose is due to the immune system and resistance of the baby is poor. Because the body is not fully developed and completed, so in this stage, if affected by many factors will be very easy to runny nose.

By nasal congestion

If your baby has runny nose for 4 months without other symptoms such as coughs or flu, it is most likely caused by fetal mucus not being completely removed from the baby’s respiratory tract. Often, parents think that babies who have runny nose are pathological.

In fact, in this case, parents do not need to worry too much, but instead, find the right way to clean the unborn baby mucus in the baby’s respiratory tract.

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