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Black sesame seed milk benefits and nutrition


Black sesame seed benefits Black sesame contains the rich source of minerals and vitamins. It is found out 20 benefits at least in this seed type. The popular benefits are read out fast such as lowering cholesterol, boosting heart health, preventing cancers, reducing blood pressure, preventing diabetes and many other …

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How to make fried mashed potato cakes at home


Benefits of potato It seems that all of us who know some potato recipes to cook in our kitchens. Potato is so popular for dishes satisfied anybody. It is easy to combine potato with other ingredients for good dishes. It is also the worthy element in the diet plans that …

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Health benefits of Watermelon Carrot Juice and How to make It


Benefits of watermelon carrot juice Especially related to nutrition, watermelon carrot juice is considered the juice for refreshment the body. The fruit juice is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and different minerals that are beneficial to our health in aspects. So it is considered the watermelon carrot juice is good …

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How to make Guava juice at home ?


What is Guava juice ? It is said that there are more than 15 benefits at least from guava and guava juice for our health such as maintain the health of skin; help to protect against prostate cancer, lung cancer, help to control blood pressure, heart beat, etc. The fruit …

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How to make stir fried fish fillets with tea leaves


Advantages of tea leaves In the traditional cuisine in some countries where tea is grown, tea leaves are used widely for fish recipes. It is believed that the tea leaves may help to reduce the fish smell and increase the dish flavor at the same time. Beside modern medicine gives, …

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How to make a delicious yogurt cheesecake ?


Cheesecake for cooking  If you may find out the dessert recipes related with cheesecake like mini yogurt cheesecake in the last article, you will experience the large yogurt cheesecake with crushed base in this article. Cheesecake is one of the attractive dessert recipes that many people love to enjoy. It …

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