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Shoud we limit white bread in our daily menu ?

Bread and white bread

Bread in general and white bread in particular are loved by all of us almost. They are suitable for breakfast, lunch and fast meal when we have no enough time for cooking. There are many types of bread for our choice in flavor. They are easy to combined with different ingredients to satisfy us when enjoying.

However, the bread in which contain positive sides that may affect to our health in many ways, and we should use bread in a corrective way in order to protect our health.

Shoud we limit white bread in our daily menu ?

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We should limit white bread because of following reason

Lower in fiber

It is said that a normal bread slice contains only 0.5 g of fiber while we need 28 g of fiber in average per day. The distance between our consumption with bread and standard of needed fiber is big. In the case we love to eat bread or white bread, we have to control the bread to consume and add amount of large of other ingredients to ensure the fiber to our body.

The solution to lighten the burden on fiber is that we should choose the whole grain bread types instead of normal white bread. Therefore the fiber from bread is increased at least twice or triple. It is better than a normal bread with so low fiber contained.

Not enough vitamin and minerals

It is always true because most of bread or white bread are made from the normal wheat flour. The flour is produced from refined grain without bran and germ while these factors are the main part contained vitamins, minerals and fibers. Using normal bread without any attention related to ingredients contained is the disadvantage that does not bring to us benefits in health.

So to protect our health, we should be interested in the bread types. There are types of bread made from whole grain or the producers who supply the healthy bread with the vitamins and minerals added in to increase the advantages to health for consumers.

Risk of overweight,  heart disease and diabetes

These three risks are regular risks for whom who are consume bread in general or white bread in particular with large amount frequently and without control. Many people consume a lot of bread, it makes the calories to become superabundant compared with body’s need. So it easily leads them to the overweight.

White bread is obviously high in glycemic index. It is proved by the different researches. Refined grains are cause of increasing blood sugar and insulin levels in the body. The bread are made from refined grains also contained bad cholesterol. It is the reason to affect to blood pressure and heart health.

To avoid these risks, we absolutely have to pay our attention so much in using bread daily for our health in the best way by the control and consideration of the ingredients contained in bread types before deciding to choose or to enjoy.

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