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Soybean – Good or bad food to our health

What is Soybean 

Soybean is a popular type of food that used widely around the world. This bean and its products as milk, sauce, noodles … are completed to menu of many consumers, especially the vegetarian.

The thoughts that it is a type of healthy food is very familiar. However, not everybody could use or choose this food in a right way.


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Advantages and Disadvantages of soybean

Disadvantages of soybean

Soybean is good or bad, it could depend. But sometimes, if made wrong choices, we could turn good to bad. When will it happen?

Consume it as large amount regularly. It is not for soybean only, but could be for other types of food. If we place soybean (or other food) as food too regularly, other places in our menu will not be balanced, and our body could be lack for other group of nutrients.

Besides, consuming much soybean (or other food) for long time could cause tired to our digestion.

  • Consume it especially soy milk with sugar, it could increase flavor but also increase disease risk to our heart.
  • Consume it while being got gout. For the purines which contained in it could turn the condition worse.
  • Consume soybean, especially soy milk raw. For the Fabaceae members contain the substance that is not good for our health if used raw. They mostly need to cook before consuming.

Advantages of soybean

Soybean is nutritional. This food is rich in protein, vitamins and minerals and is considered as a healthy food. The protein in it is as high quality. The protein in it is considered as “complete protein” which could provide mostly needed types of essential amino acid to our body.

This protein source could be used as completing for those who are in vegetarian diet or want to reduce the meat in their meal. It is good for our hearts. This food is believed to reduce heart attack risks.

It is helpful for postmenopausal women. It is believed to reduce the symptom of postmenopausal period.

There are many articles or researches of soybean consuming affection. However most of them have been done not on large scale, that’s why besides the good points, the objection also appear.

As consumers, we should use this food reasonably and try to balance our intake. It will help us much to become healthier.

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