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Top 10 Reasons to Store Using Food and Moutain House Food


The sad truth is that not a lot of people actually consider storing food. We can’t blame them, though. Just the mere thought of buying food you don’t seem to need, and the fact that you have to maintain them, is already bothersome.

However, one fact that these people always seem to overlook is that you actually need stored food. It’s true, you may not need them for the next week, next month or so, but the day will come that you’ll eventually need to turn to your storage for food to eat, and when that day comes and you’re unprepared, it’s already too late.

If you’re wondering why would you ever need a food storage, search your location on the internet, and then follow it up with the calamities that your area faces, and how common do these calamities occur. I’m sure your screen would be filled with quite a long list.


Once you’ve done that, consider this; the moment that one of the calamities in that list suddenly strikes, where will you turn for food? Your local supermarket? Food delivery services? If you’re unable to go to work or go to these places because of extreme weather conditions, you can’t expect them to do otherwise.

If you weren’t able to get a good grasp of what we’re trying to say, read it again slowly, but if you’ve suddenly realized how important food storage actually is, here’s a short list of the most common reasons why you need one, and you can check the best products you’re going to need in your food storage at Mountain House 72hours.ca, or Mountain House Amazon.

Top 10 Reasons to Store Normal Food

You might be surprised to learn that calamity isn’t actually the only reason why you need a food storage at home. We face thousands of different problems each month or year, and some of these problems may actually be solved by storing food. If you’re still scratching your head as to what problems you may actually face that require food storage, read on.


Let’s be real for a second here, having a food storage at home is actually very convenient. Imagine if you’re cooking a dish and you forgot to buy some vegetables, you actually need to stop what you’re doing, get your keys, and head to the supermarket. That’s only true if you don’t have a food storage, though. With a lot of freeze-dried vegetables, fruits, and other food products in your inventory, you don’t have to worry about missing an ingredient or two. Check out our Mountain House freeze dried food for these kinds of products.

A Sense of Independence


We know that the food you have in your food storage would actually still come from the supermarket so you’re not really fully independent, but looking at your food storage filled with all kinds of food brings self-sufficiency to a whole new level!

Don’t be a Grasshopper

Don’t be a grasshopper, be an ant. Do you remember that bedtime story about the grasshoppers who didn’t prepare for the storm and the ants who did? Well, that’s more than enough reason for you to store food.


There’s a long list as to why the prices of food products in supermarkets would suddenly rise. We can go on and on as to how to solve these issues but the fact remains the same; food prices are not always reliable.

Consider it an investment and buy food products you can store when their prices are at their lowest, or while they’re on sale, so when the time comes that the prices suddenly shoots up, you don’t have to buy what you need because you already have them at home. To learn more about stored food that are at their lowest prices, check out Mountain House Canada store sales.

No Time for Hunger


Hunger is a really negative feelings and you don’t want to experience that frequently, but what happens when you can’t head out and you don’t have food stored at home? You get hungry. Storing food saves you from this. You never have to be hungry again because you can easily prepare a meal at home with stored food.

Avoid Shortage

As we’ve mentioned above, the prices of certain food products tend to suddenly rise. One reason for this is the shortage in its supply. What’s even worse is that even when the prices are high, basic food necessities would be sold out and there would be a food shortage in your local supermarket. You can easily avoid this by stocking up on food.

Avoid Panic-Buying


Fortunately, before certain calamities such as storms and hurricanes hit your area, local government has a way of monitoring it and informing the residents just before it strikes. Unfortunately, this may sometimes result to panic-buying, that instance when people will flock to the supermarket to buy stored food. Avoid running out of food to buy by purchasing those items beforehand.

Stay at Home

There are times when you would be so sick or injured that you must stay at home. That’s not a huge problem if you have someone else to buy your food for you. However, if there’s no one you can rely on but yourself, you will need a food storage so that you wouldn’t have to head out and you can stay at home and prepare your meals. You can even get the breakfast you need to get out of bed with our Mountain House breakfast products.



Whether expected or unexpected, losing your job is difficult, especially if you don’t have a different company you can transfer to. When this happens, you may fall short of money and you wouldn’t have the luxury of buying all kinds of food you want. To keep this from happening, make sure you have enough food stored to help you last through the days of unemployment. To soothe the feeling of losing your job, why not enjoy a Mountain House Mac and Cheese Canada.

Mountain House Food – Face the Calamity

This list will never be complete without the most important and most common reason why you need food storage, facing a calamity. Calamities occur regularly, and they can easily be devastating in a matter of days.


In trying times like these, you will need a food storage at home that’s more than enough to last you and your family for days or weeks, and the best food product for these kinds of things is those from Mountain House food Canada which has a shelf-life of over 30 years!

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